India Auto Industries Pvt Ltd has been formed and come into an existence on 22.06.1998 and soon after its formation, the company finalized the land for production unit at Gurgaon measuring approx 15000 Sqm and their after, the infrastructure which includes permanent structure for the production including the Admn Block and other ancillary buildings of permanent structure have been made after sanction of plans from the competent authority. The required machinery was installed at plant in the year 1999 to manufacture railway shock absorbers and dampers of different capacities for various types of coaches and electric and loco engines.


1. The company has also built 16 nos of flats for their supervisors/engineers and 12 nos of flats for their workers.

2. The plant is being run by highly qualified and experienced engineers & personnel, who have acquired vast exposure in different industries and are having high competency to produce high standard of quality products.

3. The plant is well equipped with pollution control system (ETP) which is being approved by Haryana State of Pollution Control Board.

4. The plant is well equipped with all safety devices and equipments.

5. The plant is surrounded by lush green environment and the entire area is pollution free.


India Auto Industries Pvt Ltd have created the best infrastructure at plant with regard to the machinery and other testing equipments to produce the end product. All the production machines including the testing facilities have been installed of 3rd generation which shall be compatible to cater any challenge to achieve the highest quality standards in comparison to international standards of this line. The company used to add on the latest technology whenever it comes into their knowledge to make the system upgraded.


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